Stopping Donny


Jill’s comment:
Stopping Donny is a fun app for people learning Chinese by playing. There are numerous stages which will be revealed gradually. Once you finish all of the six levels in a stage, you can move to the next. What you have to do is to collect as many things as you can during one minute and protect them from Donny and his friends’ snatches.

The topic of stage one is about stationery; books, rulers, pens and paper are included. The vocabularies in the second stage are cup, painting and flower; in the third stage they are apple, pineapple and watermelon. It seems that the developer is thoughtful to make the things of the same kind and with similar pronunciation in a group. In this regard, it is very helpful for people to compare similar pronunciation or characters of Chinese vocabularies and make them correct.

What’s more, if you have Little Red Games’ Chinese Box app, all Chinese vocabularies you have acquired in the games can be checked off. That would be a good learning companion. As per my own experience, if you want to get higher scores, using the weapons is necessary. You can “freeze” time by tapping the image of the snowflake or tap the swirl picture to collect an amount of the same things at a time.

Above all, I think this app can let people not only learn Chinese vocabularies and pronunciation but also train the speed of reaction, because it is so exciting!

Developer: CommonTown Pte Ltd
Device: iPhone
Price: Free







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