Road Trip: China!


Jill’s comment:
It is another amazing app which people can learn Chinese with fun! Just like the app Stopping Donny, players need to collect something but this time they will do it during their trip to major cities in China! Qingdao, Nanjing and Shanghai are available now.

The vocabularies for people to learn consist of three types: driving instructions, famous attractions, and souvenirs. Take Qingdao for example, the duo have to follow the instructions to drive the car and catch the souvenirs, beer and seafood, which will appear suddenly on the go. When players reach the destination, they will know the names of the attractions. Each city is composed of four to five stages. Players can finish each one along the route, and it will help them learn gradually, from simple to deep levels.

At the beginning, players have to learn “how to drive”, so some basic words such as, left, right, slow, stop, horn will be taught. Only when they are familiar with those words, can they quickly react by instructions and dodge some flying stuff, or they will become very “ghastly”. What’s amusing is that: players can take their photos and become the game characters to complete the missions! It is so interesting and a little bit creepy, too. Just try it and you will understand.

Besides, the general appearance of the picture is really good. Sound effects and other functions are user-friendly. The vocabularies you have acquired can also be applied to the red box. Good to give it a try!

Developer: CommonTown Pte Ltd
Device: iPhone
Price: Free







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