Fortune Cookie-your best Chinese E-learning tool!

Jill’s comment:
Connecting culture with language learning makes the study more fun! When it comes to fortune cookies, some people will recognize these as little presents which people usually get in the Chinese restaurant after they pay tips. In general, inside every cookie is wrapped a slip of paper which has a lucky sentence written on it. However in this app, people can get a bilingual sentence—Chinese and English. As long as you download this app, ever day will you get a new fortune cookie. Just tap cookies and unlock the sound tracks; then you will see the message. The sentences are about color, human body, health, exercise, etc. Traditional and simplified characters, pinyin and translation of sentences and each word are included below the sentence. It is like the word list. What’s more, you can even shake your device to try your luck; a different fortune cookie will show. In fact, not all of the fortune cookies are opened unconditionally, but it just needs you to lift a finger. For example, sharing this app on your Facebook is one of the ways to get more fortune cookies. Quite simple, isn’t it? If you can persevere in learning from the fortune cookies every day, it can really become your good “fortune”! Now, quickly get your fortune cookies! b^__^d

Developer: TutorABC, INC. COPYRIGHT © TutorMing All Rights Reserved
Price: Free






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