Jill’s comment:
LingoWorld is a Multi-language app for you to learn speaking and pronunciation. There are 10 different languages, including Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese, German and 8 topics such as food and directions. Users can freely choose their mother tongue and the language which they want to learn in a total of 90 language pairs. First I want to share with you their elaborate images. They look so cute and relaxing, just like the computer games. Users are supposed to learn systematically by passing each challenge (completing the missions of practice) in this game like situation. Next, LingoWorld offers the real native speakers’ audios, pinyin, meaning and recording function. Users can imitate the pronunciation by inter comparing users’ voice and the locals’ voice, again and again. Third, phrasebooks are of course necessary. They also have a function for learners to quickly look up phrases, very smartly and conveniently. Besides, the good designs like learning curves will show users the development of their target language. Users may well make good use of this app. At least, there must be more things you can explore in the app. You can try it directly or take a look at their website.

Developer:Cooori ehf
Price: Free(+$2.99Unlock)







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