Vocab Pocket – Business


Janet’s Comment:
If you would like to be proficient in doing business in China or Asia, “Vocab Pocket – Business” is one of the best tools for you. There are more than 2,000 words and sentences in the app, which you may use when you are doing business. Those words are well categorized, ex: Company Management, Business Letter, Product, Trade, Marketing, Taxation and Finance fields etc.

In each unit, it provides two ways to learn the vocabulary. The first one is Vocabulary List mode. It provides an example to help the learners understand how to use the word in the right conversation or situations. The second way is Flash Card mode. After learning the words in vocabulary list mode, use this mode to help you review or test yourself. Furthermore, you can set the flash card display by yourself. It’s really convenient, isn’t it?

Moreover, all of the words are based on the BCT, Business Chinese Test. Passing the BCT may help you get more credits during employee recruitment or promotion.

With the concise interface, useful function and rich contents, it’ll be the best tool for you when you are working in China.

Developer: Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Device: iPhone
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/vocab-pocket-business/id591013019?mt=8







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