Donut Chinese School:Spring Festival


Jill’s Comment:
We have introduced the different topic of Donut Chinese School before. Here is one of the updated products. It follows the consistently high quality, using the exquisite animation and cute characters, donut and his friends, to build an enjoyable whole Chinese environment, letting people join their interesting game-based exploring learning activities.
Since the topic is about the Spring Festival, the biggest holiday in the Chinese culture, if people who learn only Chinese words without representative cultural activities, how can they comprehend it veritably? Thanks to the app Donut Chinese SchoolSpring Festival, it provides imaginative games for people to experience the traditional customs such as giving relatives a courtesy call, hanging couplets, and lanterns on the door and setting off fireworks. People who live even in foreign countries are able to try the Chinese customs. How exciting!
People can learn pronunciation with a native speakers voice, Chinese traditional/simplified characters, distinct meaning as well as classical Chinese culture. What’s more commendable is that the integrated teaching designs train not only language skills, but also learners’ logical thinking (e.g. finding regularity) and hand-eye coordination. It is definitely suitable for kids to learn by playing.
The developers are diligent in releasing more curriculums periodically and all of the contents are based on daily life and always keep up with the current seasons or holidays. Here is the best example. If you are really a big fan of Donut Chinese School, you really cannot miss this app

Developer: New Oriental Xuncheng Network Technology CO.Ltd
Price: Free


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