Dr. HSK Level 1


Jill’s Comment:

Looking back on my examination days; I can always recall some bad memory. For example, I couldn’t help but to take the exam in a sweltering hot place or want to temporarily quit the test for the toilet. Dr. HSK, the app breaking the restriction of area, lets people take mock tests easily with iPad on any occasion and also helps people be familiar with the HSK examination, including the similar types of questions and the stop length between each audio!

About its greatest characteristic, the highly-simulated test form of the HSK examination is composed of Practice and Mock parts, the differences between either are the former one has an answer key, and the latter one has a time limitation. For the beginners of Dr. HSK, taking the Mock test at first to know one’s level is a good idea. Once you experience the mock test, can you know which part to learn and enhance well. Then you can use “Practice Test” and word bank to help you. Beside, the app records the scores whenever you take the mock test, it helps you know the learning process.

Dr. HSK is the first app combining mock exams and word bank. The word bank is presented by flash cards. Users can alter card settings by themselves. Just click “Card Display” in the upper right corner and you can arrange Chinese, pinyin and English to show separately on the front or back side. Such a user-friendly function.

The interface of this app is already delicate and agreeable. Developers now are consistently updating the apps. In the future, there will be more ranks to meet people’s different needs. Let’s look forward to it!

Developer: Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Device: iPad
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/dr.-hsk-1/id574688275?mt=8


HSK_1_02 HSK_1_03 HSK_1_04 HSK_1_05


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