Making your New Year Resolutions

新年快乐  Xīnnián kuàilè
Happy New Year!

新年新希望  Xīnnián xīn xīwàng
New Year resolution


Happy Chinese New Year!

Did you make your New Year resolutions? If one of your New Year resolutions is passing the HSK test, please read the following information. It will help to achieve this goal easier. We are going to introduce a few helpful apps of HSK. Let’s check them.

Before you take the HSK, you can download the app to evaluate yourself. It provides the “Mock Test” function, and helps you simulate the real situation of the HSK. The vocabulary is also available, too.
Level 1 Link:
Level 2 Link:

HSK Review
This is a great tool to help you review the vocabulary. You can easily manage the flash cards.

HSK vocabulary game
If you would like to review the HSK vocabulary with a fun game, it’s the one you have to download.

To get more HSK information, please visit the following website:

Test Dates of 2013:

Hope you have a wonderful Chinese New Year,

By Apps2LearnChinese Team.


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