PinYinPal: The ONLY Free Mandarin Chinese word game available played with letters of the alphabet


Jill’s Comment:
Having trouble spelling Chinese pinyin? Try the new way to remember as much pinyin as possible. As long as you are using this app to connect with friends in an exciting game, you are actually reading and recognizing Chinese! Besides, the helpful tool, the dictionary, also lets you easily learn the meaning and pronunciation of Chinese words. As everyone knows, Chinese has thousands of different characters but only hundreds of pinyin, because most of them are homophonous. Using this app can help you see how many words with the same pronunciation are in different forms and meanings. That is, you can directly compare them to make a clarification. I think the game is simple and appealing, like a pinyin solitaire; players need to put the scrabbles (alphabet) below into the square, and then tapping the “play” button. If the pinyin are acceptable, it means the pinyin is really exist in Chinese. Next, you can choose the words and try to define the vocabulary correctly to get higher score. In this way, learning is totally combined with playing, so players can simultaneously have fun and learn the pinyin system gradually by trial and error.

Developer: Chinese Character a Day Foundation
Device: iPad
Price: Free







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