Dr. HSK Level 2


Janet’s Comment:

This is a great tool for people who are preparing HSK, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. You can review the vocabulary and take a mock test in ONE app.

Becoming familiar with the type of real test helps you pass the test. In this app, it provides the Practice Test and Mock Test. In the Practice Test part, you can practice and become familiar with the different types of questions. In the Mock Test part, with limited time for each question, it’s easy to access it yourself and get familiar with the real test. You can take the mock test first to evaluate yourself. After the practice, try the mock test again. Then you’ll find you have made substantial progress.

In the “Word Bank” part, all of the words are well listed by word frequency. One of the user-friendly designs is that you can set the flash card display by yourself, such as auto play and the characters on the front side.

Hope you can pass the HSK test. Good luck.

Developer: Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Device: iPad
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/dr.-hsk-level-2/id592997796?mt=8

HSK_2_01 HSK_2_02 HSK_2_03 HSK_2_04 HSK_2_05


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