12 Animals of Chinese Year Plus


Jill’s Comment:

12 Animals of Chinese Year Plus is a useful app for people of all ages to learn the Chinese zodiac. It contains three parts: Book, Music and Game. At first, the flash cards with images give you a round impression about 12 animals. The songs continue to steady your memory. Then several kinds of games, such as Match game, Memory game, and Tower game will help you to keep words in mind. With those exciting games, users can learn by playing, and would be able to transfer Chinese and corresponding English translation quickly and fluently. Besides, another strong point of this app is about the audio. The audio and words always synchronize, so people will receive Chinese and English repeatedly by both reading and listening. It is beneficial to their character recognization and pronunciation. As far as I am concerned, I really have fun with those games, because those games also test people’s speed of response, very exciting. The strategy of “getting 500 points to earn a bonus Chinese word/sentence” is quite a good idea, too, though it takes some time; however it is interesting. A little advice for the developers is regarding the Library function. I think the library could display more than one word a time. Just for reference.

Developer: We Can Speak Chinese LLC
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/12-animals-chinese-year-plus/id599327712?mt=8







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