Word A Day – Chinese


Jill’s Comment:

A word a day, keeps your Chinese progressive day by day!

Feel you are not learning the real life Chinese? Think your Chinese textbooks are so monotonous? If so, you would be happy to have this app. Let’s see what does the app, Word a Day, feature below:

  1. Providing a new method, making people learn Chinese words and practical expression from numbers of insightful and amusing titbits. For instance, “运动(exercise)”—the best time to exercise; “名字(name)”—an odd correlation with user’s name and occupants. How interesting and informative!
  2. It is easier for everyone to read, because the length of English articles is concise and they are mainly written in English.
  3. Basic elements like Chinese simplified characters, pinyin, English translation and audio recorded by native speakers are displayed alongside the vocabularies. Besides, if you want to perfect pronunciation, you can make good use of the self-recording function.
  4. There are at most four new words a day, so you are not pressured into attaining the big success instantly. All you need to do is learn gradually with pleasure.
  5. With its auto reminders, you won’t miss daily new vocabularies no matter where you are.

Above all, the greater number of contents are derived from ninhao.com, a complete and professional Chinese teaching website. You can visit this website to get more information. There are numerous learning materials suitable for all ages and different degrees.

Developer: Ninhao Online Corporation Ltd.
Device: iPhone
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/word-a-day-chinese/id600171800?l=zh&mt=8







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