Jill’s Comment:

Remember Road Trip: China! and Stopping Donny? Here is another fun app from CommonTown Private Limited—Quick-Quick. This app is composed of more than 10 topics which have a unique set of words respectively. Each one also contains 6 different levels, letting users learn Chinese gradually. What players have to do is save monsters by solving 10 questions in a limited time. When you play the game, tapping the right response to the question and you will hear Chinese spoken aside immediately. Pinyin with tone is a good point as well. I think it can help foreign learners pronounce more correctly. Besides, this app does not use translation but uses pictures in hand-drawn style. Every picture looks cute, creative and exactly what it should be like. It is beneficial to catch learners’ eyes, stimulate their learning interests more or less. Moreover, learners won’t be interfered by other languages. That is also important. Aside from Chinese learning, I believe this app can also train children’s discretion, because they have to start all over again once they use out of time or get it wrong. In a word, using this app to develop your agility, requires scrupulous attitude and increases Chinese vocabulary, which is really a good choice!

Developer: CommonTown Pte Ltd.
Device: iPhone
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/quick-quick/id583267392?mt=8







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