Breakfast- the combinational style in Taiwanese society


2013-01-31 16.40.19

Stop here with a cup of tea, read what I think, sip some Chinese culture knowledge, perhaps…makes your life change.

-by Shannon Jade


Breakfast- the combinational style in Taiwanese society


Breakfast is the first energy source that is important for everyone to start a day. While westerners have toasts, muffins, cereal, and coffee for breakfast, traditional Chinese people would like to have 烧饼油条(shāobǐng yóutiáo), 豆浆(dòujiāng-soybean milk), 包子(bāozi-Steam buns), 蛋饼(dàn bǐng-pancakes), 饭团(fàn tuán-rice roll) as the beginner of a day. In Taiwan, the most popular take-out breakfast that might surprise you is that Taiwanese people love the combinational style breakfast and these types of foods are growing so fast in Taiwanese society. I am going to show you what Taiwanese people commonly eat in the morning.


2013-02-03 08.44.43

This photo was taken on a Sunday morning when I entered a nearby take-out café. It was just 8 a.m., but the sandwiches on the shelves were almost sold out. Look! These colorful and creative sandwiches are standing upright saying “Hi” to you. The sandwich contains all the nutrition you need and it only costs you about US$1. I guarantee that all of them are delicious.

铁板面(Tiě bǎn miàn)

2013-02-03 08.26.17

铁板面(Tiě bǎn miàn) is one of the newest breakfast foods in the Taiwanese society. It originally came from the local steakhouse in Taiwan. The Taiwanese steak dish has a slice of sizzling beef with some vegetables, a sunny side up egg and some铁板面sorted on a hot iron plate. 铁板面 is very similar to Italian spaghetti but combined with炒面(Chǎomiàn-Chinese fried noodle). If you would like to experience a very different breakfast, I think铁板面 is a good choice.

蛋饼(Dàn bǐng)

2013-02-03 08.28.37

Taiwanese people love蛋饼. You can easily find 蛋饼in most of the breakfast cafés and street stands. There are plenty of different favorites 蛋饼you can have: 蔬菜蛋饼(Shūcài dàn bǐng-pancake with vegetables), 培根蛋饼(péigēn dàn bǐng-pancake with bacon), 鲔鱼蛋饼(wěi yú dàn bǐng-pancake with tuna ), 火腿蛋饼(huǒtuǐ dàn bǐng-pancake with hams), etc. What’s interesting is, no matter what favorite of 蛋饼 you choose, the sauce you must have is the soy sauce rather than ketchup.

If you find it interesting to see how Taiwanese people have so many combinations for breakfast, you may find more surprises when you enter a real Taiwanese breakfast café. By the way, this is my favorite breakfast-卡啦鸡堡(kǎ la jī bǎo). It has hamburger bread and fried chicken in it.



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