Conversational Chinese – In a Restaurant

Jill’s Comment:

Honestly, speaking poor Chinese may nonplus you, even though you just want to order a meal! Thanks to Conversational Chinese – In a Restaurant, an app which conceives numerous situations that you might meet as many as possible, helping you enjoy yourself in Chinese restaurants. It is very thorough in contents. From unit one to ten, it shows you authentic Chinese diction of a restaurant, including taking a seat, ordering, recommending a specialty.

This thoughtfully designed app has a complete arrangement of courses. From text to post test, abundant resources are well-integrated. Each unit comprises Conversation, Talk, Vocabulary, Sentence Exercise and Test. Five aspects help you practice Chinese listening, reading and speaking skills. You can listen to the audio recorded by Mandarin speakers, record the sentences, take a multiple-choice test, and learn simple grammar in sentence practice. How useful!

In addition, the new version updated recently added up the simplified Chinese. It also features a user-friendly interface and Chinese in daily situation. What deserves to be mentioned is that the developer undertook a lot of work on collecting the real China-mainland diction, being careful not to make learners misuse Chinese in different areas.

For your reference, When you begin to use this app, the “Detail” button on the upper right hand corner will help you a lot. You can read the Chinese conversation with English translation or pinyin. Besides, as you learn new vocabularies, you can also make your own word bank. Searching the word from the bank is not difficult at all. In conclusion, just make good use of this app to improve your Chinese restaurant diction!

Developer: Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co. Ltd.
Device: iPhone
Price: 2.99

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