Animal World – Peekaboo Play & Learn


Jill’s Comment:

Animal world is an attractive multilingual educational app for 0-5 year-old kids to learn animal names and colors. It supports 4 languages, French, English, Spanish and Chinese. What makes up this app is peekaboo plus 3 games which are beneficial for brain development. It seems that this app can not only teach children foreign languages, but also train their senses of beauty and space.

As regards Chinese learning, the app features two things:

  1. The Chinese characters display with corresponding images and inseparable audio recorded by native speaker. That is very useful. Under the imperceptible influence, kids can regularly build a link between Chinese and items, learning inadvertently.
  2. Chinese pinyin with tone is helpful for children to pronounce correctly. Although they seem too young to know the regulars of pinyin, 3-5 year-old kids might perceive the simple signs of tones some day.

This app really uses a good way to make language learning more interesting. For instance, the peekaboo and find me game stimulates kids’ exploration, puzzle game develops kids’ ability of combination and coloring books let children draw freely with different colors. While kids are creating, they are simultaneously listening to how Chinese “colors” are pronounced. Using this app to replaces toys is so economical and safe. Parents don’t have to worry kids “spoil” walls (by drawing) or anything in the house any more. Besides, their proprietary learning method Moo Moo Steps™ provides children with the best level to learn. It is amazing!

The developer is very considerate of a family. You can see the proof on its special design—the Parents’ folder. This folder integrates all things about setting, ads and special-functions. Put the basic ones aside. There are albums and achievement folders which make it so different from other apps, helping parents know their children’s learning process and share children’s works with others.

In my opinion, technology should not only focus on novel functions, but also find more ways to make learning convenient and effective. This is the reason why we want to merge technology into education. And from this charming app, I think we must see something valuable to learn and discover.

Developer: Moo Moo Lab LLC
Price: Free

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