Routledge Chinese Character Trainer


Jill’s Comment:

Start to train your Chinese on the go! the Roultledge Chinese Character Trainer app is a nice study-aid in practicing characters independently. It comprises the taught simplified characters presented in the Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin Chinese textbook, and it provides three steps to learn: Train, Drill and Test. What’s better than a paper-book is: Each character has animation to demonstrate how to write a word stroke by stroke. You have to pay attention to the order of the characters. If you write them down in the wrong order, the system will remind you immediately. In addition, Drill and Test don’t have “tracks” for you to follow. It can help you examine whether you can write out a Chinese word from blank.

As I know, writing is always a weakness of most foreign Chinese learners. It takes much time for beginners to become familiar with the structure of Chinese characters. Although Chinese characters are so difficult to learn and remember, that is the most distinctive part in Mandarin Chinese compared to other languages. That is so important, because that is the root, and in the meantime, the great achievements of Chinese culture. Those vivid lines are beauteous and wondrous. For everyone who wants to really know Chinese: Just practice Chinese writing on the go!

Developer: Clavis Sinica
Price: Free
Device: iPhone



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