Smart Glasses, the contemporary technology


今年科技迷最期待的新玩意,大概非Google Glass莫属了!这副智能型眼镜号称能声控上网、拍摄和查看信息,日前已经开放八千个试用名额,让人一睹为快。不让Google专美于前,Sony也正积极研发智能型眼镜。想必未来除了手机之外,智能型眼镜又将掀起一股科技新风潮。


<Smart Glasses, the contemporary technology>

Google Glasses, the newest invention that people interested at. This smart glasses can do such things: voice control web browser, an embedded camera and searching information…etc. It already released for 8000 peoples to try out. Sony, the company that also want to take this advantage. No wander, the market of smart glasses is another competition in the future.


《关键词 Keywords》

  1. 号称 (v.) hàochēng / to have a reputation as/ to claim to be
  2. 声控 (n.) shēngkòng / sound-activated/ sound-controlled
  3. 试用 (v.) shìyòng / to try something out
  4. 一睹为快 (ph.) yìdǔwéikuài / to push to get a good look/ to want to see
  5. 专美于前 (ph.) zhuānměiyúqián / to take advantage of the good reputations of others (idiom)



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