Jiayou Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards


Jill’s Comment:

Are you finding something to help you accumulate essential Chinese vocabulary? How about trying this app. This Jiayou Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards app has a total of 550 Chinese flashcards in 22 different categories, and each card has an English translation, colorful pictures, pinyin, Chinese characters and audios recorded by native speakers. It covers a variety of words, including technology, time, travel, common adjectives, orientation, etc. Just choose one category and then start to learn words from there. At the same time, you have to evaluate the levels(good/fair/poor) which you think you’ve reached about this Chinese word, and the system will rearrange the chance of occurrence of every vocabulary. After you master all words in that category, the system will show you this stage is complete. Then, you may well move on to the others. For those people who want to accumulate their Chinese vocabulary from now on, you have to remember that: Learning vocabulary isn’t like learning to ride a bicycle. You cannot expect once you’ve learned, you won’t forget it for a life. Only repeated practice can really help you master it. Besides, no one can remember a vast amount of vocabulary at once. You must be persistent. “Jiayou!”*

*This is the pinyin of the Chinese word “加油”. Chinese people say it when they want to cheer someone up. There isn’t a direct translation in English but some people say its meaning just like “Go! go!!” in English.

Developer: Pendula LLC
Device: iPad
Price: 0.99
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/jiayou-chinese-vocabulary/id607253347?mt=8







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