Did you smell the “scentsation” of April Fool’s Day?



《Did you smell the “scentsation” of April Fool’s Day? 》

Did you smell anything?  Google launched “Google Nose Beta” on April Fool’s Day this year, allowing users to smell the “scentsation” through their computer screens, making people sniff around their computers since the morning.  More than that, other major websites get creative for pulling pranks.  For instance, YouTube was shutting down after eight years, Facebook was spreading out the plan called “Facebook Friend Fence,” etc.  So…have you been fooled?


  1. 愚人节 (n.) Yúrénjié / April fool’s day
  2. 味道(n.) wèidào / smell
  3. 嗅觉 (v.) xiùjué / sense of smell
  4. 用户 (v.) yònghù / user/consumer
  5. 整人 (v.) zhěngrén / to trick/ to play trick on sb.
  6. 上当 (v.) shàngdàng / be taken in

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