A special gift carries you through your life


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Stop here with a cup of tea, read what I think, sip some Chinese culture knowledge, perhaps…makes your life change.

                                                                                                                                    -by Hsiao-Yu Liao


A special gift carries you through your life

Traditional Chinese people thought that “It is better to teach your son a skill rather than to give him a thousand pieces of gold; however, rather than teach him a skill, it is better to give him a good name.” A name of a person will probably transfer some information to you such as, expectation from parents, personal characteristic and family relevance…, etc. This article is going to talk about the meaning of菜市场名 (cài shìchǎng míng – most popular names) in Taiwanese culture and to discuss why these names are so commonly used in the society.

菜市场名(cài shìchǎng míng – most popular given names)

Most traditional Chinese housewives prefer to go to菜市场(Cài shìchǎng – the farmer’s market) rather than超级市场 (Chāojí shìchǎng – the super market), in菜市场you can find everything you need, such as food, cloth, groceries, house furniture…, etc. Similar to church, 菜市场in Taiwanese society is an important place where people communicate and share information. During Saturday and Sunday mornings, lots of people go to 菜市场and start a shopping day. The phrase菜市场名(Cài shìchǎng míng) doesn’t mean the name of the market, but it actually means the name that if you say it in 菜市场, you’ll get many people’s response and reaction for the same spoken name. That kind of name is what we call the菜市场名.

女生/男生的菜市場名(nǚshēng/nánshēng de cài shìchǎng míng- girls and boys’ most popular names)

According to the 2012 Household Registration statistics雅婷(yǎ ting) and怡君(yí jūn) are the most popular given names for girls in Taiwan. The name雅婷has been the top girls’ name for twelve years already. Other common characters in the names are like: 雅 (yǎ- elegant, graceful), 婷 (ting- beautiful), 怡 (yí- happy and harmonious) 君(jūn- the king). The name怡君doesn’t mean a happy king, but it actually symbolizes how she can support a king to create a happy kingdom.

Boys’ 菜市场名 are 家豪(jiā háo) and俊杰(jùnjié). The using of the words家(jiā- house and family), 豪(háo- lively), 俊(jùn-handsome and charming), 杰(jié- brilliant) are very different from girls names. Taiwanese parents wish their son to be an outstanding person and be able to carry the responsibility of a family.

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