Let’s Learn Everyday Chinese: I Speak Chinese


Jill’s Comment:

I like the developer’s idea of making people learn Chinese in a peaceful atmosphere. The natural birds’ chirping sounds are very comfortable. The strategy of arranging 70 of the most common words in order, and matching simple English translation, pinyin and professional pronunciation seem helpful for elementary students. Besides, because the 70 most common words in use have the same characters in both simplified and traditional form, learning these words must be really useful. However, it is a pity that the app could have more fun and functions. I expect there are other designs relative to the old man who looks like a Chinese legendary matchmaker to assist people in learning Chinese instead of being in the background only. Above all, the developer tries to build a comfortable environment for people to learn Chinese. That is a good try, but it would be better to have more functions to make the whole contents richer.

Developer: In-Jay Houng
Price: Free
Device: iPad
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/lets-learn-everyday-chinese/id599968681?mt=8






2 thoughts on “Let’s Learn Everyday Chinese: I Speak Chinese

  1. I am using flashcard app of Superflashcard to develop my Chinese. It helps me to study words and their pronounce better because I have flashcards with images and sound, they are interesting, not boring and inspire me to learn more

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