‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher Passed Away


英国前首相「铁娘子」(The Iron Lady) 撒切尔夫人(Margaret Thatcher)于本周四月八日清晨逝世,享寿87岁。撒切尔夫人于1979至1990年间担任英国首相,至今仍是英国史上唯一女首相,并曾获英国民众肯定,是二次世界大战后,英国最伟大的首相。但她的强势领导作风,也使她的评价两极。

《’Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher Passed Away》

Former British Prime Minister, the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher passed away earlier this week on the morning of 8 April, at the age of 87.  Thatcher served as Britain’s prime minister from 1979 to 1990, and as the only female prime minister of the UK in British history till date.  Thatcher has gained support from the British public and remains the greatest British Prime Minister post-World War II.  However, her uncompromising leadership style has also polarized the public.


  1. 享寿 (v.) xiǎngshòu / die at the age of
  2. 首相 (n.) shǒuxiàng / Prime Minister
  3. 肯定 (v.) kěndìng / recognition
  4. 强势领导作风 qiángshì lǐngdǎo zuòfēng / Uncompromising leadership style
  5. 两极 liǎngjí /polarized

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