DR. HSK Level 4


The good news for foreigners who want to take Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi(Hsk): DR . HSK has released the new version! This useful Chinese learning aide is especially directedat the Chinese Proficiency Test which brings about the new test questions and expanded word bank.

To know this App better, you can enter the website to see: What is HSK? http://www.hsk.org.cn/intro/summary_E.html

For your basic information, this app is composed of two part plus three modes.

  •   Test—Includes two sets of questions, Each test has completely 85 listening and reading questions. Here are also three modes for people in different needs.
  •       Word bank—According to level 4 vocabulary of HSK, there are totally 1200 words with pinyin, English, and audio recorded by native speakers, and they are displayed by flashcards.

1.   Practice Test—Users can choose whether to see the English translation after answering each question.

2.   Mock Test—Completely simulates the atmosphere of testing. Even the answering time seems approximate to the real test.

3.   Detailed Answer—Offering English translation not only for each question, but also for each option.

What’s Good

Before taking the real Chinese proficiency test, people can practice simulation tests for many times to become familiar with the way of testing. By doing this, users can also more or less improve their Chinese listening and reading skills. It is good to gain two advantages at one time. What’s more, the flashcards and search functions are really helpful to memorize vocabulary. It is more than an app of a simulation test; it can also be a vocabulary book. Besides, there are still score charts for users to examine the learning degree.

What Could Be Better

There could be more test questions. In my opinion, because there are only two sets of questions, users who take the practice mode first will by definition get good scoresand it will lack in reliability.




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