Powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Iran


伊朗(Iran)与巴基斯坦(Pakistan)相邻的地区,本周二发生芮氏规模7.8级地震,是 伊朗半世纪以来规模最大的地震。连中东(the Middle East)、波斯湾(Persian Gulf)地区及北印度(North India)都感受到震动。由于震央位于伊朗沙漠地区,人烟稀少,因此灾情较轻。但巴基斯坦至少有三十五人丧生,约一百五十人受伤。

《Powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Iran》

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Iran and it’s near area Pakistan this Tuesday. It’s the most powerful earthquake to strike Iran in this half of the century. Even the Middle East, Persian Gulf and the North India could feel the quake. As the earthquake’s epicenter is in the desert area of Iran where it is sparsely populated, the damage is slighter, comapred to Pakistan where 35 people passing away and nearly 150 people injured.

《关键词 Keywords》

芮氏规模 (n.) Ruì Shì guīmó / Richter scale

袭击 (v.) xíjí / to attack

相邻的 (adj.) xiāng lín de / near

人烟稀少 rényānxīshǎo / be sparsely populated

灾情 (n.) zāiqíng / damage

丧生 (v.) sàngshēng / pass away

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