Fun Chinese – MandarinaKids Lite

This app has added many appealing elements especially for bilingual kids from 9 months up to the age of 6. It provides chances of interaction for parents and kids in the way of learning by exploration. More topics are being added continuously.

What’s good
It is a friendly Chinese learning app which supports multi-languages and presents lots of adorable pictures. Exploring to learn in such a comfy atmosphere is a pleasure. It also trains kids on many skills such as listening, character recognition and writing. When users tap on the objectives on the screen, the Chinese words with pinyin and translation will show. Users can also hear the correct pronunciation of native speakers. All of the vocabulary can be researched and it also offers a function for kids who want to write Chinese characters. Besides, the coloring book can let kids not only take a break from learning Chinese but also develop their art skills

What could be better
There are some basic rules of writing a Chinese characters, such as writing from top to bottom, from right to left. However, The app cannot really trace players’ moves ; users may actually “draw” lines instead of writing strokes. As I think, the tracing function can be improved to tell whether users write the characters in the correct way.

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