Blue Teardrops of The Ocean

台湾马祖,在过去一周中,海边又开始出现俗称「星沙」的奇景。这是一种名叫涡鞭毛藻(Pyrrophyta)的藻类,因为优养化现象,所造成的「赤潮」(Red Tides)。不过赤潮不一定是红色,例如马祖或是美国加州(California) West Linda Mar海湾,当海水扰动时,便发出淡淡的蓝色荧光,因此又被称为「蓝眼泪」。

《Blue Teardrops of The Ocean》
The wonder in the common name of “Starry Sand” appeared at the seaside during last week in Mazu, Taiwan. It is a kind of algae, Pyrrophyta, whose phenomenon of eutrophic leads to “Red Tides”. But sometimes the color of red tides is not just in red but also in blue, such as the ones in Mazu or the gulf of West Linda Mar in California, the U.S. When the brine is being disturbed, the Pyrrophyta shines in the neon color of blue and is consequently called “The Blue Teardrops”.

《关键词 Keywords》
泪珠(n.) lèizhū / teardrop
俗称 (n.) súchēng / common name
优养化 (adj.) yōuyănghuà / eutrophic
海湾 (n.) hăiwān / gulf
扰动 (v.) răodòng / to disturb
荧光 (n.) yíngguāng /neon color (fluorescence)

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