Great Wall Chinese


After 9 years of research by over one hundred professionals, specialists and teachers in Chinese language teaching and research, the Office of Chinese Language Council International, also known as Hanban released an e-learning app, providing students with an easy, fun and fast way to study Chinese.

For more information, this app is a new interactive Chinese language learning mode based on multi-media technology. There are six levels with ten units inside. Each unit is composed of four parts, Lessons, Let’s Talk, Notes and Exercises.

  • Lessons— there are three main learning parts; users are able to learn IN two ways, film or text. And they can take imitation and role-play afterwards.
  • Let’s talk— in this part, users can overview the content and record their own voice at the same time.
  • Notes—the socializing, words, grammar and characters are available here, offering more information, explanation, recognition and practicing for the complete comprehension of the whole lessons.
  • Exercise— it’s based on the learning of socializing, words, grammar and characters from the Notes, including the audio and visual sections.

What’s Good

It’s a complete Chinese learning app that is available to users from all levels. The functions are friendly and considerate that Pinyin, Chinese or translation can be hidden if the users only want to learn a specific part. The audio is native and clear with both male and female sounds and users can compare their sounds with them after the recording.

Furthermore, this app offers Fast Learning for users to learn and review the very basic knowledge of Chinese, initials; Finals, Pronunciation, Character and Vocabulary are included.

What Could Be Better

There’s Socializing in the Notes that indicates the proper timing for using the phrases. It could be better if the culture points are added for a better understanding of the common knowledge between the lines.

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