Workers’ Day all over the world


《Workers’ Day all over the world》
To be thankful to the workers’ contribution towards the society and the economics, there are lots of countries, such as France and Germany, set May 1 as International Workers’ Day. While In the United States, the official holiday for workers is Labor Day on the first Monday of September. During annual Workers’ Day, there are different kinds of celebrations varied from countries. The French offers a lily of the valley to friends, lover and themselves, while the German erects the “tree of May”. Though Workers’ Day is not officially designated by the Japanese government, there are other national holidays in this “Golden Week”, which is a wonderful time for relaxing and touring.

《关键词 Keywords》
国际劳动节 (n.) Guójì Láodòng Jié / International Labor Day (May 1)
劳动者 (n.) láodòngzhě / worker / laborer
贡献 (n.) gòngxiàn / contribution
铃兰花 (n.) linglánhuā / Botany/ Lily of the Valley
竖 (v.) shù / to erect
放松 (v.) fàngsōng / to relax

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