FREE Mother’s Day App: Chinese Wonderland Board Game

The App Star shinning of the day is Chinese Wonderland Board Game.  This incredibly fun app allows users to learn Chinese by simply playing monopoly.  While playing the board game, kids can learn some simple vocabularies in daily life, such as colors, food, family, numbers, animals, etc.  When each game is finished, an e-sticker is rewarded to kids for collection.  This amazing app will be offered for FREE only during Mother’s Day Special.  Remember to download this time-limited freebie app starting from Friday 10th May to midnight of Monday 13th May.  Get ready to challenge yourself and your beloved family members this coming weekend!  Happy Family Reunion!

 今天要推荐的亲子App是Chinese Wonderland Board Game.  这支好玩的App透过大富翁的多种趣味游戏,让家长跟小朋友能快乐地学习中文。在玩Board Game的同时,小朋友将能学会简单的日常生活用语,像是颜色、食物、家庭、数字、动物等等。除此之外,当每个游戏玩完还有独一无二的华语小学堂e贴纸作为奖励喔!Chinese Wonderland Board Game定价为0.99美金,现在感恩母亲节,免费提供给大家下载使用,千万别错过这大好机会,这周末赶快下载去吧!


CW_BG1Chinese Wonderland Board Game App Link:



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