Mother’s Day Promotion: Finger Chinese Apps on Huge Sale

The App Stars worth downloading today are “Finger Chinese 1 & 2.”  These two lovely apps use treasure hunt games and colorful flashcards to help parents and kids learn Chinese in a fun and interesting way.  Finger Chinese 1 provides 6 mini treasure hunt games, assisting kids to learn 78 vocabularies in their daily life, including objects in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.  On the other hand, Finger Chinese 2 provides opportunity for kids to learn objects in the classroom, Chinese restaurant, American restaurant, super market, clothing store and farm.  Interface in both apps can be switched back and forth from traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese.  Starting from tomorrow, each Finger Chinese app will be available for just $0.99 during Mother’s Day Special.  Let’s go hunt some treasure! 

今天要推荐的亲子App是简繁两种版本皆有的Finger Chinese 1&2。  这两支可爱的App透过了好玩的寻宝游戏及色彩鲜明的字卡,让家长跟小朋友能轻轻松松地学习中文。Finger Chinese 1的 App提供了6个寻宝小游戏,小朋友能简单地学会78个在日常生活中常用到的生词,包括常在厨房、客厅、寝室与浴室常见的物品。  Finger Chinese 2 则是会让小朋友学到在教室、中国餐馆、美国餐馆、超市、服饰店与农场常见的物品生词。  这两支App的定价皆为1.99美金,现在感恩母亲节,只要0.99美金,这周末让我们一起寻宝去吧!


finger512Finger Chinese 1 App Link:

Finger-2-512Finger Chinese 2 App Link:



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