Rubber Duck sailed into Hong Kong


象征欢乐童年的巨型黄色小鸭于上周四进入香港维多利亚港(Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong),维多利亚港顿时成为一个大浴缸。由荷兰(Netherland)设计师霍夫曼(Florentijn Hofman)所设计的黄色小鸭,自2007年起从荷兰出发,一路造访日本(Japan)、澳洲(Australia)、巴西(Brazil)及法国(France)…等地,这项公共艺术的目的在于希望为每个人带来开心、祥和的感觉。

《Rubber Duck sailed into Hong Kong》

To be symbolized as the joyful childhood, the giant yellow duck, an over-sized bath toy sailed into Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, making the harbour immediately change into a huge bathtub. Designed by the Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman, the rubber duck has visited Japan, Australia, Brazil and France and so on. The core of this public art project is to bring everyone joy and auspicious and harmonious feelings.

《关键词 Keywords》

象徵 (v.) to symbolize

巨型 (adj.) giant

頓時 (adv.) immediately

造訪 (v.) to visit

祥和 (adj.) auspicious and  harmonious

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