Smart Shell Mandarin


Don’t know how to make your child be familiar to Chinese? Smart Shell provides a fun and simple way from the aspect of learning Chinese through English. There are 39 buttons with their own sounds and pictures. With colorful images and bilingual prununciation, the app catches full attention of children aged 0-6 and keeps them entertained without knowing that they are actually learning it.

As more and more Chinese learning apps showing up for young learners, this app is a little bit different from others. It presents 36 vocabularies by the listing of A-Z and 1-10.

What’s Good

The background of the app is an amusement park, building a light and entertaining atmosphere for young learners. As they get distracted or bored easily, all the bottons are with sounds and pictures so that our young learner will be fasinated by the response from their each finger pressing.

What Could Be Better

Since the app is based on the users of children aged 0-6, each alphabet and number only represent a Chinese vocabulary. Some pictures are not quite suitable for their vocabulary, such as D dinner only with the picture of tableware might confuse the learners that it’s 餐具 not 晚餐.

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