The Most Star-Studded Cannes Jury in History


一年一度的坎城影展开幕,这次评审团有重量级的国际导演和著名演员参与,如李安(Ang Lee)、史匹柏(Steven Allan Spielberg)、克里斯托弗华兹(Christoph Waltz)和妮可基嫚(Nicole Kidman)等,比参展明星还耀眼。尤其这次活动是李安和史匹柏在奥斯卡后首度公开见面,两人有说有笑,甚至手牵手一起走红毯,成了这次坎城影展开幕的另一个吸睛的焦点。

《The Most Star-Studded Cannes Jury in History》

The annual film festival, Festival de Cannes opened on 16 May. The jury is joined by a cavalcade of heavyweight figures, including international directors Ang Lee and Steven Allan Spielberg and famous actors Christoph Waltz and Nicole Kidman and so on, dazzling more than other stars joining the opening of festival. Above all, This is the first meeting for Ang and Steven in public after the Oscar. They had a great time of laughing and talking with each other and even held hands to walk on the red carpet, leading to another eye-catching spot of the opening of Festival de Cannes.

《关键词 Keywords》

坎城影展 (n.) Kănchéng Yǐngzhăn / Festival de Cannes

评审团 (n.) píngshěntuán / jury

重量级的 (adj.) zhòngliàngjí / heavyweight

导演 (n.) dăoyăn / director

吸睛的 (adj.) xījīngdù / eye-catching

耀眼的 (adj.) yàoyăn / dazzling

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