Learn Chinese (Manderin) – Mindsnacks


Dating back to 2011, MindSnacks is one of the best education apps of the year. If you hadn’t heard of it, you get to dig in our review of this app right now and be well equipped with it as your tool of Chinese learning!

There are 50 lessons ,designed by Ivy League instructors, whose topics ranged from professions, shops, getting directions, ordering food, meeting new friends and so on. Users are to review these lessons before jumping on to the games and are able to change Chinese characters into Pinyin. It features 8 games that helps learners build essential vocabulary and conversation skills. It requires users to challenge till the certain levels so that they can move on to the next game, keeping them be motivated.

What’s Good

Instead of learning from the boring flashcards, it is especially perfect for students who are already loaded with lots of texbooks and tests. And everytime at the end of the game, there will be a statistics to indicate your learning results so that you will simply understand where to improve.

At the first time to start the app, users are asked to creat an account as the app will help personalize the suitable level for you and memorize your learning process and usage. In addition, you can connect with your Facebook account to share your learning and playing with your friends!

What Could Be Better

It’s hard to figure out if there is a flaw of this nearly perfect app. To be picky, we would like to say it could be better if there’s male voice alternate with female one.

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