H7N9 burst in China is threatening human health



《H7N9 burst in China is threatening human health》

Recently H7N9, one of the newest avian influenza viruses burst in China, has caused severe infection in over 130 people and killed over 35 people. According to the latest case report, these vital viruses is starting to possess drug resistance. The expert referred to the cause due to cross routes of transmission from birds which were stuck in the market for days. If people who have been to the infected area in 14 days found them have the symptoms such as fever and pneumonia, they are strongly advised to seek medical examination for precaution.

《关键词 Keywords》

爆发 (v.) bàofā / burst

威胁 (v.) wēixié / threaten

禽流感 (n.) qínliúgǎn / avian influenza

感染 (n.) gǎnrǎn / infection

病毒 (n.) bìngdú / virus

抗药性 (n.) kàng yào xìng / drug resistance

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