Scribe Chinese


Feel so much eager to learn Chinese vocabularies as many as you can with native tones? You might want to grab this app, Scribe Chinese right after you read the information below.

In the interface, you will see the main chinese character you are to learn with considerate English explanation. Below are some words with similar sound or with similar meaning for you to differentiate and to be back-up of your Chinese learning capacity.

This app features itself on Chinese common words learning, especially HSK exam test words. And there are full native pronunciation for every single word, helping you get familiar with the native tone. After the learning, users have 6 different games varied from flashcards, multiple choice, tiles, listening flashcards, listening multiple choice, matchup to choose to help reviewing.


What’s Good

The most special thing about this app is their unique study method, that is memorizing words with related-sounding words. This helps the learners be able to recognize and select the correct word in real-life situations, even if they can hardly grasp the tone of words.


What Could Be Better

For the part of words with similar meaning, there could be more details of explanation, as language learners can only recognize the words but can hardly understand the precise way to use these various words.

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