Whenever you try to describe something specific in Chinese, are you confused and overwhelmed with the Chinese classifiers? There’s a app to save you from the troublesome issue.

To know this App more, you can enter the website to see:

The general explanation of Chinese classifier and the basic information of the app are listed below.

  • General explanation of Chinese classifier— In the modern Chinese languages, words known as classifiers or measure words (量詞liàngcí) are used along with numbers to define the quantity of a given object, or with “this” and “that” to identify specific objects. There are hundreds of classifiers and each noun can be used not only one classifiers. The most common used classifier is “個” (ge) whose usage is generally accepted if the person does not know the other proper classifier.
  • Basic information of the app—The classifiers shown in simplified Chinese. The users are suggested to install both the Chinese – Simplified Pinyin keyboard and the Chinese – Simplified Handwriting keyboard on the device. There are three parts in this app, List, Example and Quiz. In the list, you can go over all kinds of classifiers and then learn the usage with examples. Once you want to train and be more familiar with them, take the quiz and then you’ll know which one should be practiced more.

What’s Good

There is the “search” function in Example allows users to look it up immediately when they get confused with the classifier or don’t know which classifier to use for the noun. It’s very convenient as there are not many related apps with the same function now.

What Could Be Better

There could be a picture with each usage in the examples. It will be easier for users to learn and memorize as classifiers are meant to classify some nouns, the pictures can help recognize the implication.

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