Immersion Chinese: Lesson A-1


Have you ever heard about the Immersion Approach for second language learning? Here’s a new released app, Immersion Chinese: Lesson A-1, with this learning approah rather than other old stuffs. For your further information, the general concept of Immersion Approach and the related descriptions of the app are listed below.

l   The General Concept of Immersion Approach

Immersion Approach is a method of teaching a second language appeared in 1960s that students are put in the learning environment basic on this second language instead of their mother tongue. The main purpose of this method is to develop learners language skills and proficiency by mimicing their learning experiences of the first language. Additional goals are the cognitive advantages to bilingualism.

l   Related Descriptions of The App

According to the seller and our findings, Immersion is a totally new approach to language learning software. “It presents you with a structure that naturally builds on existing vocabulary by pushing you to make intuitive leaps in an interactive environment of long sentences spoken at a natural pace.” from Description of the App in iTunes Store.

There are 3 modes including Learn, Drill and Games with vivid real-life pictures and netural accent available in Mainland China, Taiwan and many other Chinese speaking locations. The program will be presented by category and lesson. A-1 stands for the first lesson of Animals and there will be A-2, A-3 and lessons for other categories. Therefore you can pick whichever you are interested in, every category is independent and there are already 10 topics along with student/classroom, travel, food and so on.

What’s Good

Gnerally speaking, the app is useful. I like one of the game Match 2. It’s a little bit different than the original kind cotained two related visual parts of the same subject. There are one visual part and one audio part making the game more sophisticated as users have to transfer two different language skills to make it right and this can help them well recognize and memorise.

What Could Be Better

When in the modes of Learn and Drill, there are so many audio sounds that sometimes I’ll be confused as I press one object and move it. And in my point of view, it would have been better if objects of learning in Drill can be placed in a mimic relative environment but not just all with the background of the Great Wall.

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