UN Calls For Postponement On Killer Robot Soldiers 联合国呼吁各国停止研发杀人机器人



《UN Calls For Postponement On Killer Robot Soldiers》

In the movies, robots researched and developed by human beings usually possess with advanced artificial intelligence that leads to catastrophe at the end. In reality, however, many countries such as the United States, South Korea and India indeed are digging into the research of “killing robot soldiers”. These robot soldiers don’t have to be manipulated by humans, think independently and are able to distinguish friend or enemy to avoid the casualties of soldier. The United Nations are concerned about that  resulting in easily pulling the trigger on the battlefield in the future, so it calls for global pause on researching and developing killer robot soldiers. 

1. 呼吁 (v.) hūyù / to call on/ to appeal

2. 浩劫 (n.) hàojié / catastrophe

3. 研发 (v.) yánfā / to research and to develop

4. 分辨敌友能力 fēnbiàn díyǒu nénglì / be able to distinguish friends or enemy

5. 伤亡 (n.) shāngwáng / casualty







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