Child Play Chinese 2 (Simplified Chinese)


To help your children learning Chinese, we found a useful lately-released app, Child Play Chinese 2 (Simplified Chinese). Just as its title, it’s an app learning to speak and read through games with 80 Chinese characters. You can make your child recognize the words first and then reinforce their learning by playing games. There are 8 games, including text to picture matching, picture to text matching and voice to text matching and so on. We introduce you the version of Simplified Chinese but there is also another one of Tradition Chinese.

What’s Good

There are full types of games composed of listening skill and alternation of picture memories and Chinese character recognizing. These are strongly effective in strethening the learning of Children as they are learn in multiple ways that will branch out more connections of learning and memorizing in their brains.

What Could Be Better

It would have been better if the pictures used for 80 Chinese characters can be unified in either real pictures or drawing ones. With two kinds, it somehow confuses the users especially children the difference between the real and the virtual.

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