Picturing Idioms


As the crystal of Chinese culture and wisdom, Chinese idiom plays an important role in the Chinese speaking world. Sometimes there is nothing like idioms to express one’s feelings and thoughts so well. To get more familiar with idioms and their hidden meaning, we would like to introduce you the app, Picturing Idioms. It provides a fun and interesting way to learn or strengthen your grasp of the Chinese language, in particular Chinese idioms. You can learn from listening, recognizing the characters and distinguishing the pictures related to the idiom.

What’s Good

Just as the title of the app, it’s good to grasp a new knowledge in picturing. There is a combination of pictures to form the meaning of the idiom, making users to learn it with a vivid visual memory, which is one of several cognitive systems. The more kinds of memory you have, the more interconnected parts you get to form the input memory.

What Could Be Better

It would have been better if there are simple explanations and origins of the Chinese Idiom. So that users can learn in the 4th way, that is being impressed by its interesting explanation and origin deeply in their mind.

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