HOT!The temperature in the all countries are HIGH 热热热!各国夏暑迎高温


过去十年地球气候经历高温, 今年世界各国的温度仍持续 攀升。美国西部热浪来袭,气 温超过摄氏45度,中国北京重庆等地也突破35度,德国、奥地利、日本等国家也飙高温。炎炎夏日容易引起中暑和热衰竭,要记得补充水分和糖分,并尽量避免高温环境下活动。

《HOT!The temperature in the all countries are HIGH》

Over the past decade, the climate of the Earth has been in a high-temperature condition. The temperature is still rising in the worldwide countries. The west area of America has been hit by heat wave, and the temperature is over forty-five Celsius. Cities in China, Beijing, Chungking and other places are over thirty-five Celsius. Germany, Austria, Japan, and other countries are also reaching the high temperatures. It is highly possible to get sunstroke and heat exhaustion. Remember to replenish water and sugar at all times and avoid doing activities in a high-temperature environment.

  1. 攀升  (n.) pānshēng

to rose

  1. 热浪 (n.) rèlàng


  1. 摄氏 (n.) Shèshì


  1. 中暑 (n.) zhòngshŭ


  1. 热衰竭 (n.) rèshuāijié

heat exhaustion

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