Discovering Chinese Pro


Using mobile handset to learn Chinese with a systematical and complete materials that combined with the technological benefits, you will find this app Discovering Chinese Pro fulfill your dream. It is the iPad version of the Discovering Chinese textbooks, mainly for students of secondary students. To know more about the details, please dig into the app with us and the information is below.

There are 3 books available, that is 36 lessons with 5 learning modes in each lesson, including Lesson, Language Notes , Cultural Points, Practice, Homework and I Can…

l   Lesson- Before starting, you will know the goals of the lesson and then learn with animation, illustration and the lesson text.

l   Language Notes- There are the must-have vocabulary and language points. Furthermore, they offer language tips to help you easily be equipped with the background knowledge that few foreigners do.

l   Culture Points- To learn a language is to learn its culture. In this part, you will get a close look of Chinese culture and wisdom from the point of view of native Chinese.

l   Practice- The practice are well technologically designed so that learners can fully practice 4 language skills and have fun in activities.

l   Homework- As we mentioned before that its content was adapted by textbooks, there is also homework in the iPad version for training.

l   I Can…- To connect with the goals at the beginning, this mode make you review what you have learned and can be improved.

What’s Good

The language tips is very useful that it helps learners cut corners on some confusing learning parts. Take the tips of lesson 1, changing tone for example, it’s relatively hard to pronounce for each Chinese character in 3rd tone but when the phrase combined with 2 characters in 3rd tone, then the first one is ought to pronounce in 2nd tone.

What Could Be Better

The lessons are full with content, it could have been better if there are more pictures around that learners can impress more.

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