6+ Chinese-Learn Chinese anytime, anywhere


In your surroundings, you might be the few ones studying Chinese which make you feel lonely and have nobody to discuss and share your learning. Don’t worry as now we are offering you a new app, 6+ Chinese-Learn Chinese anytime, anywhere, that you can do things above without the limit of time and distance.

It is an app with thousands of learning cards and as a community that you are able to communicate with others who are learning Chinese all over the world. There is a card wall to show your posts whatever they are study notes, pictures, questions or recording voice in the card style on the wall. Also, people can follow you if they find you interested or you can follow your favorite learners or teachers and even share their posts via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail etc.

What’s Good

Two heads are better than one. With thousands of Chinese word cards and other resources sharing by all, users learn more knowledge than those in textbooks. Besides, there is the useful function of recording voice, for example, you post a question of a word you are not sure its pronunciation, other people may reply you in the correct one.

What Could Be Better

Though now we have the options for reporting such as abuse and discrimination to use, it would have been better if there is an administrator supervising the posts and correcting the mistakes in study notes.

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