Dr. HSK Level 1 on Sale don’t miss it for last 2 days



While celebrating the summer holidays, we would like to joing you and give you a helping hand on your proficiency of Chinese as we kindly know that you will strike the new HSK test this summer! We offer you this app, Dr. HSK 1 to keep you company on your way to pass the test and you will find that Dr. HSK is the best learning and reviewing app ever as it combines vocabulary review in both list as well as flash card and mock test that make you get familiar with the test form!


在慶祝夏日假期到來的同時,我們也想加入你,並祝你一臂之力,因為我們知道這個夏天,你計劃著在新漢語水平考試大放異彩!本次精選給你的App-Dr. HSK 1,融合了清單式設計和閃卡設計的生詞複習,以及讓你知己知彼、百戰百勝的模擬考題,Dr. HSK是最強而有力的學習與複習App,一路伴著你直到新漢語水平考試順利過關!




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