Fatal School Lunch Food 致命的校园午餐



《Fatal School Lunch Food》

In India, there was collective sitotoxism in one public elementary school. The students had the syndromes of vomiting and stomachache right after they had the school meal. According to the official, these food was tainted with insecticide and may not have been properly washed before it was cooked, leading to 22 students dead and 25 students hospitalized. The tragedy caused the protest from villagers and the industrial action as they ask the government for the investigation of truth.

1. 致命的 (adj.) zhìmìngde / fatal

2. 公立小学 (n.) gōnglì xiăoxué / public elementary school

3. 爆发 (v.) bàofā / to break out, to brust out

4.集体 (n.) jítǐ / collective

5.呕吐 (v.) ǒutù  / to vomit

6.杀虫剂 (n.) shāchón / insecticide



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