According to the research, the use of a game for learning in education aims to make complex theoretical knowledge more approachable. Permanent repetition will lead to a more in-depth learning. We are kindly to introduce to you the fun app, CanUHanyu, that is based on this goal and will surely amaze you with their abundant games and the way of learning.

There are 4 modes including Games, Review, Progress and Setting. It is friendly-using as the instructions are shown at the very first beginning when it is started. Before jumping onto the Games mode, the user is able to reivew and practice the entire dictionary, creating your own study set, listening the pronunciation, recording their own and hearing the correct one played back.


What’s Good

The 5 unique games are all with special names, Monkey Match Up, Dragon Drop It, Panda Pairs, Great Wall Stack and Silk Road Search. Furthermore, you can practice vocabularies in over 40 categories, from level 1 to level 6 so that the games are customized.

What Could Be Better

It could be better if the app can be switched into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese mode.

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