Painless Chinese 1


If there is a will, there is a way. To fulfill your needs for learning literate Chinese, we found a new app, Painless Chinese 1 to 3 especially for you. Painless Chinese offers to you 3 chapters with more than 20 sentences that put learning emphasis on written Chinese and how to write them using the proven way with Chinese alphabets!

The way of learning is different than others, starting with the sentence. There are 3 sentences in a row showed in English, Pinyin and Chinese but all spoken in Chinese. And then users can touch the characters to show voice spectrum and Chinese Alphabets formation.

What’s Good

The voice spectrum can help compare with your own one to improve your self’s pronunciation and the Chinese Alphabets formation separates parts of Chinese characters making you memorize it in effective way and also learn the order of the stroke.

What Could Be Better

It could be better if the pronunciation is accurate as some of them are not. Take “中” for example, it should be pronounced as “zhong” not “zang”.

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