Chinese Halloween!农历七月鬼门开啰!

《Chinese Halloween!农历七月鬼门开啰!》


The 7th lunar month in Chinese calendar is known as “the Ghost Month.”  This August 7th happened to be the first day of the 7th lunar month, which in Chinese tradition is the day when the gate of Hades is open.  It is said from this day on, the gate of the hell is open to set ghosts free to the living world.  People usually avoid waters or staying out late, and also during this lunar month, fetes will be held to offer to the wandering spirits.  There are different ghost festivals around the world, such as the Japanese Bon Odori in July or August, Phi Ta Khon of Tailand in June, or the famous western Halloween on October 31st.


《关 键字》

1.      农历 (n.) nónglì

the lunar calendar

2.      鬼(魂) (n.) guǐ (hún)


3.      相传 (ph.) xiāngchuán  

tradition has it that

4.      地狱 (n.) dìyù


5.      晚归 (v.) wănguī

to come home late

6.      祭祀 (v.) jìsì

to offer sacrifices to+N








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